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All Members Of The Deer Family Are Welcome! We Love All Our Deer!

Recent Work

  • Handsome by Carla Maloco
  • Doe A Deer by Carla Maloco
  • Conversing by Martha Medford
  • Red Deer Stag on a Hilltop by derekbeattie
  • Christmass Pattern by deepfuze
  • A Deer For My Nephew by WildestArt
  • Deer by kris-efe
  • My Nephews Deer, (digital version) by WildestArt
  • In Repose. by vette
  • Pixel Pattern - Winter Forest - Black and White by daisy-beatrice
  • Antlers by vette
  • Fallow Deer siblings..... by Poete100

About This Group


This group is for those wonderful images of Deer of all kinds. Deer belong to a family called Cervidae which includes White Tailed Deer, Mule Deer such as Black Tail Deer, Elk, Moose, Red Deer, Reindeer (Caribou), Fallow Deer, Roe Deer and Chital. There is interesting information on the different types of Deer HERE in Wikipedia – the on line free encyclopedia. ALL types of Deer will be welcome in this group.

Photography, Artwork, T-Shirts, Digital or Photomanipulated images, and iphone or ipad cases are allowed, as long as there is no violence or dead or injured animals in the images. Other animals and people will be allowed as long as it’s tasteful and the Deer is the Main Focus. Please make sure your image is large enough to be for sale.
>If your image is from a Zoo or a Safari Park – Please make sure there are no fences or enclosures (people or things in the background resembling captivity) showing in your image. The Deer must be the main focus.
>We will Feature 12 images in the group on Wednesdays and also have a Gallery Page for them (in the messages) which will be permanent. There we will put the Featured images with links to your images page. It’s a nice place to see the Featured images all together and a little larger than on the Front Page of the Group. We hope you will all come in and check it out and leave a comment or two.
If anyone has any questions, please just ask. We’re just a bmail away.

Thanks for coming in and checking us out. We hope you will join us and have some fun.


Congratulations to Alan Mattison
with his image called:
Wait For Me



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