Days Gone By (Photos TAKEN before 1996)

Group Rules:

HINT: If the original photo was taken with a DIGITAL camera,
it was PROBABLY not taken 25 years ago.

Photographs must be at least 20 years old. (Taken before this date, 1997.)
Please note the date in your description.

No photographs of old things (as opposed to an old photograph of a thing!).

Post-editing is acceptable – and encouraged to restore the photo to its original glory.

However, we will not accept photographs which have been digitally embellished with the use of textures, selective colouring, false fading and blurring etc. Composites (made from two or more photos) will be accepted.

You may upload a daily maximum of three photographs to the group.

If your photograph is rejected and you feel that it does actually meet the submission criteria please feel free to bmail either of the group hosts about it. We’re happy to discuss it!

Lastly, have fun sharing all your old photos!!