Dark Impressions

Dark Artwork, Dark Portraits, Anything with Mood and Atmosphere

Recent Work

  • BOTTLED LIGHT by Marilyn Grimble
  • Black Rocks ... Sugar Loaf by Angelika  Vogel
  • CSS Alabama a Screw Sloop-of-War 19th century in black & white by Dennis Melling
  • Pizza Delivery by Ben Loveday
  • The Chicken Lady 1897 by Richard  Gerhard
  • The Line Up by Richard  Gerhard
  • Taurus by Ben Loveday
  • Coventry Cathedral Baptistry Window by lezvee
  • A Good Place for Books by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • A Simple Message by metriognome
  • Bicycle stand in Croatia by Manfred Belau
  • Summer Lake - Aerial Photography by Nicklas Gustafsson

About This Group

Welcome to ‘Dark’ Impressions!!

This group is all about ‘Dark’ Art. Let’s see the dark side of your art.

We accept -
Photography and Digital Art
Anything with feeling and emotion behind it
Trees, Landscapes
Abandoned/haunted places/buildings
B&W and Colour
Anything Mysterious
Tastful Nudes – Please keep within RB guidlines

NO snapshots or writing on images.

Challenge Winners

Dark Portraits

Id – The Devil is a Woman
by PaperTigressArt

Clockwork Droid
by Yampimon


White Cross
by Yampimon

Enchanted Forest

by Yampimon


Light Frame
by Angelika Vogel


Voodoo Skull
by GuruTattoo

Spooky Buildings

Bathed in Light
by Tony Steinberg

The Weeping Angel

Weeping Angel – sepia
by PhotosByHealy

Lost in Time

Lost .2
by oneoftheclan

forgotten journey
by Karen E Camilleri

Spooky Ruin
by Alexandra Lavizzari

Mystery Door

The Decay…………
by Imi Koetz

Urbex Photography

Demon Barber’s Chair
by Adam Northam


Creepy Dolls
by pixelfan

Night of the Living Dolls
by shutterbug2010


Losing My Religion
by billyboy


Backyard Flowers In Black And White 11 After The Storm
by Brian Carson


Darkness Falls
by Tony Steinberg

Mirrored Images

The Mirrored Forest
by Léna Sheridan

The Tree of Le Cram 4
by Yampimon

Atmospheric Seasons

The eerie
by chrisdot

The Darker Side of Halloween

by TMP Design

by Jing3011

The Moon

by psychoshadow

Dark Snow

Fog over the Lake Matheson
by Imi Koetz


dramatic golden sunset over valero
by david street

Evening Branch (Original)
by Vicki Spindler


Trapped in Time
by shutterbug2010

Ancient Sites

Cliff Dwellers
by debidabble

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