Dark Future - Post-Apocalyptic, Human Race Declining

Art that deals with the End of Civilization on Earth and the Aftermath.

Recent Work

  • Anatomy man by Robert Chawner
  • Difficult relations by Maxrock
  • Save Us by Michael  Gunterman
  • Lillu by catealist
  • Monsters of Hope + 'History of madness' by Paul Douglas Robertson
  • Re-Birth by Maxrock
  • It Won't Stay Dead #1 by Maxrock
  • The Fisherman by Carol and Mike Werner
  • walking the rope by catealist
  • Revelations by Graham Southall
  • Boardwalk At The End Of The Universe by Scott Evers
  • Forest UFO Close Encounter by mdkgraphics

About This Group

Post-Apocalyptic Art.
Apocalyptic Art.
Science Fiction as long as the Human Race is going into decline.
No Magic.
No Photography unless it has been altered.
No Nudity.
No Profanity (Unless in the Context of a Written Work)
No Abject Horror.

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