For any member who recognises the beauty of Dandelions and portrays them in an eyecatching and unique way.

  • Dandelion dusk by MarianBendeth
  • Dandelions in black&white by Mariann Rea
  • HEY!!!don't look at the sun ..you will go blind..  by Gary Boudreau
  • The Vineyard by Aaron .
  • A bugs view by larry flewers
  • Stages.... by Diane Arndt
  •  Morning by Valentina Gatewood
  • star by karin  taylor
  • Just Dandi by Ward McNeill
  • make a wish by Ingrid Beddoes
  • Spring Dandelions by ShotsOfLove
  • Dandelion Bouquet by funkyfacestudio
  • B&W flower #11 by Régis Charpentier
  • The Answer My Friend by Alikat72
  • Trio by inkedsandra
  • forgotten by Ingrid Beddoes
  • Some Keep Holding On by Mojca Savicki
  • So Many Promises You Couldn't Keep by Laurie Search