Fringe Science & Beyond

Group Rules:

Strange Science/ Paranormal/ Alternative Theories/ New Paradigms/ The Unexplained/The Unexplored

This includes the mysteries of the past, the mysteries of the future, the mysteries of the Earth ~ of Time, of Stars, of Space, of Life, of Humankind. We walk the line here between mythology and history/ between “official” science and the more obscure/ between the Proven and the yet-to-be confirmed.

All mediums ok (drawings, paintings, Bryce, Photoshop, etc) and your style and approach are up to you, whether serious or humorous, whether you’re a believer or a skeptic. Your work can be literal, or can be surreal, stylized, comical or Simply Strange. For acceptance in this group, ALL work must have a reference either in the title or the art itself, to concepts or ideas from the realm of Science, Fringe Science, the Paranormal, or the Unexplained.

The group now accepts WRITING: but ONLY writing which relates to our group theme! It must describe or discuss the topics we cover here, whether from first-hand experience or from documentaries, articles, etc. Poetic license is acceptable…but NO rambling poetry/free verse, and definitely no romance or love-poems! Any material deemed inappropriate or off-theme, will NOT be accepted, so stick to what we do here: Science, Fringe Science, the Unexplained/ the paranormal!

Re, shirt designs, etc., ~ Limit Variants, please! Let your images be fresh/unique!

Abstracts are acceptable, but keep in mind that “Done in Bryce” or “A Design in Red” is NOT a reference to a theory, or Idea. Text and titles are important! They can often mean the difference in acceptance or rejection. If you’re portraying “Warped Space” or “Life Elsewhere in the Cosmos,” let us know!

NO FAN ART! We are not a Science Fiction group per se, even though in many ways, our focus overlaps; science fiction after all, is BASED on fringe science and the unexplained. The difference here, is that we emphasize the theories and the possibilities ~ not the fiction. So space travel, time travel, aliens, exo-planets, future tech (androids, robots, cyborgs), UFO’s and alternate dimensions are among the many topics we invite you to explore. After all, the Future is Unknown. But work must be original. No Trek, no Dr. Who, no images borrowed from the Media. Let your visions of the future be your own!

(For science fiction, including tribute art, check the Sci Fi Group.)

We invite other realms of speculation too ~ everything from crypto-creatures such as Bigfoot, to “forbidden archeology” and ancient astronauts to ESP, doppelgangers, hauntings, apparitions, the existence of the Soul and human Consciousness itself. If someone, somewhere is studying a topic ~ from a holographic universe where we are nothing but reflections from another plane, to reptoids living n the tunnels underneath L.A. ~ then it’s probably in our purview whether Mainstream science scoffs or not! We also focus on another Great Unknown ~ the future of the Earth, not just technologically but its (and our) survival.

No overt religion, no animal abuse, no overt violence or gore! Anything deemed inappropriate will be disqualified.

4 per day only, please! Don’t flood the group.

If in any doubt about the type of artwork we accept, please see our challenges and features.

Keep in mind, we don’t ask you to believe – just report! So if you’re a skeptic, please follow RB’s rules of etiquette. Play nice!

We invite your most imaginative entries. Come explore the Great Unknown! After all, it’s where we live! :-)