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All Hands on Deck! Announcement!

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1693 posts

Well, we ARE on a spaceship, after all… Spaceship Earth!

So I guess I can say, “all hands on deck?” Either way, I am very happy to announce a new member on the bridge, and a NEW CO-HOST ON THE TEAM!

A hearty welcome goes to Whirling Thunder( (Shayne1960)! As most of you may know, I’ve been flying solo for awhile here, and I’ll admit I got a little “lost in space” at times. But with two at the helm, where can we go, but up?? A HUGE thank-you, Shayne, for joining up! I’m sure between the two of us, we’ll keep this Expedition right on course!

Just a few great samples of his artwork … (and you’ll all admit, it’s Cutting Edge!)



Demon Tunnel

Spirit Owl

Werewolf Girl

Blue Thoughts

Shayne does a wide variety of work, everything from anime to photography. Check out his gallery for more! And please join me in saying, “WELCOME TO THE CREW!”


In other news, Shayne chose the Features for the Week ~ and here they are! A Terrific Selection, I’m sure you’ll all agree! Congrats to All! (You can click on the images to reach the individual work and read the text in its entirety).

Enjoy!! And don’t forget to check our latest challenge winners, here! New One Coming Soon!



angel force by shadowlea
The meaning of angels and their exact purpose has been speculated about throughout history. Certainly there are several references in the Bible that validate their purpose as messengers of God and carriers of portents and omens. However, it is likely that they also serve other purposes as well. Many people believe that they serve as guides, guardians, and protectors; and not just for those who are from the Christian belief. Could they be extraterrestrials?

Orbs In The Stairwell by Shayne1960
I was in Amsterdam, N.Y. I had the privileged to snoop around a supposedly haunted house belonging to the mother of Son of Sam. I have other orbs from this old building as well. This is my favorite image. Completely unedited!

Sorry ~ only robots left here, too by Nadya Johnson

We may find Earth-like planets where conditions could foster Earth-like life and even sentient beings much like us. Whether we will find the sentient beings…? It’s not just the size of Space: it’s the equally unthinkable abyss of Time. The Earth is 4 billion years of age. Humanity has been here merely for a flicker of an eye. What are the odds of syncing up?

Randahl’s Departure by Chester Edwards

Day Dreamer by Yvonne Less

Intergalactic Disco by Jonah Block

They worship hollow techno-gods by Lawrence Alfred Powell

Anomalous by blacknight

Mother Natures Love (art & poetry) by Rhonda Strickland

Discovery by Rob Colvin

Dorothy by Cliff Vestergaard

Ely Street by blacknight

yvil1 yvil1 414 posts

Thank you so much for the feature and congrats folks! Well done! :)

Chester  Edwards Chester Edwards 36 posts

Congratulations to all the featured artists. The quality of work just keeps getting better. Great works people.

Rob Colvin Rob Colvin 25 posts

Thanks for including my work among such imagination!

blacknight blacknight 266 posts

cool stuff! Congrats to all!

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4080 posts

Wow, what a collection of awesome work!!! Cool stuff indeed!! Congrats to everyone.
Oh Nadya, thank you so much for including my piece in this feature. I am so honored!!!!

Mother Natures Love (art & poetry)
by Rhonda Strickland

Natures Way a poem by RestLeSsD

We see her around us
Each & every day,
We feel her awesome power,
In oh so many ways.

And yet we take for granted,
The air we need to survive.
The water and the greenery
That daily keeps us alive.

Please little children
Please be aware
This Earth is our haven
We all need to share.

The trees breath for us
And keep the air clean.
The water is its’ lifeblood
Keeping all things green.

She shows us signs daily
Of her pains and her aches.
We must all work together
For everyone’s sake.

So tell all the grownups
To help keep the Earth well.
She is our safe haven
For all life to dwell.

a rhonda original 2010-2013©

Thank you!

shadowlea shadowlea 1326 posts

mind blowing selection…congratulations to all you creative artists, honoured to be included … thanks Nadya

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