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  • Black Sun by blacknight
  • The batty spinning circle by © Kira Bodensted
  • AQUA FEMS by Peter Stratton
  • The egg of the mind by Corina Chirila
  • Born to Serve (Proceeds from this work will go for Lyme Disease Research.) (4623 views as of 071317) by Bunny Clarke
  • Way Out In Space  by cringe0015
  • NICHOLAS TESLA  by cringe0015
  • Polar Ice Caps by barrowda
  • Fill 'Er Up by Richard  Gerhard
  • The Gateway by Hugh Fathers
  • BLUE MOON by Janina Marcos
  • Lyra & The Creancients by Daniel Watts
  • Kepler's machinations by anni103
  • Fractal Art Deco Stalagmite by sciencenotes
  • Euphoria or soulmates in the universe by Corina Chirila
  • Strange Moon I by Hugh Fathers
  • The Gift by debidabble