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Something Spooky This Way Comes

This challenge closed over 2 years ago.

The Challenge

~ Ghosts and Other Paranormal Entities ~

This challenge is for all those unexplained yet regularly documented Paranormal Creepies said to move among us in the dark….

No Aliens or UFO’s for this one! That’s another side of paranormal, and another challenge.

No Halloween cards/ no generic Halloween material, such as funny witches, cute black cats or pretty pumpkins! Here we’re looking for the Scary and Mysterious… artwork based on Paranormal Visitations, Creatures or Events said to be from ACTUAL REPORTS ~ whether going back in time or recent, whether “spooky stuff” you yourself have seen, read or heard about or those you’ve seen on shows like Ghost Adventures, Monsters and Mysteries in America, Paranormal Survivors, My Haunted House, etc.

The specific story or report is not essential though we’d love to hear it, if you have one! But the subject of your entry should be something someone, somewhere, claims they’ve seen or witnessed ~ such as ghosts (human, animal or otherwise), doppelgangers, spook lights, mystery-cryptids like the Mothman, orbs, shadow creatures, werewolves, phantom cars and buildings, apparitions on the highway, residual hauntings (the re-play of past events), etc.

Any media ok (drawings, paintings, Bryce, Photoshop, etc.). Entires shoujd be illustrative: no abstracts please, and no cartoons. Although approach is up to you, this is not a challenge for the cute and lovable!

Remember, we accept no fan art in the group It is ok to site documentary shows, but don’t base your work on books, series, TV shows or movies such as “Ghost” or any other fiction based material.

(Need some inspriation? Try Famous Hauntings, Haunted Historic Places, and Supernatural Phenomena for starters!)

Remember~ “We don’t ask you to believe ~ just report!”

As always, entries must comply with all our group requirements. If in doubt, check our group home page and features, Entries NOT compliant with our rules or challenge theme, will be removed. It’s only fair to everybody else!

Hope you’ll have some fun with this! Older work is fine ~ new is better yet! But no prior 1st Place winners from the group; Top 10’s are fine, as are images which may have won in other groups.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for more than one. Base your votes on creativity, artistic merit and how well the image fits the challenge theme.

As always, No Soliciting of Votes. Any member caught padding the ballot box either via Bubblemail, Facebook or any other venue will have their work removed.

VOTES are IMPORTANT! If you enter, please participate!

Rewards & Prizes

Winner gets a Winner’s Banner, spotlight-feature on our Group Home Page and a Special Presentation in our Forum. He or she will also be a Featured Artist in our Hall of Fame!

1st Place Ties are recognized.

If we have more than 20 entries, runners up (Top 10) also get a Banner and a mention in the Forum, provided each has votes.

Also, the #1 winning entry will become the challenge avatar; this means, it’s there for all to see “Forever” on the Challenge Page. (If for any reason, the winning image is no longer on the Bubble, then the next runner-up will get the slot).

Additional Information

You can enter the challenge directly, but Please be sure your work is in the group by closing time!

We need a minimum of 14 entries to continue with the challenge! So get creative/ enter! Looking forward to some cool, SPOOKY art! And just in time for Halloween. :-)

Cover Image: Vampire by franceslewis


The Top Ten

Vampire by franceslewis

Vampire by franceslewis was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 8 votes.

  • Stranger by Gabriel Forgottenangel
  • A Speaking Wall by Danilo Lejardi
  • Fearful Imagination by MontanaJack
  • DRACULA CASTLE by nonarom
  • Untitled 284 by Karl Eschenbach
  • Warg by Mary-noire
  • Family Gathering by Bine
  • Sleeper (Awakes) by Peter Krause
  • Smoke Rorschach - what do you see? (14) by Wolf Sverak

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