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Rise of the Machines

This challenge closed over 2 years ago.

The Challenge

~ Robots/ Androids/ Cyborgs ~

Calling all Artificial Life-forms!

Enter your best in artificial life-forms ~ whether robots, androids, cyborgs or other computerized/mechanical devices. You can feature one or you can feature several. People and/or aliens may be included too but should be secondary to the artificial life-form(s) in your artwork.

All mediums invited (drawings, paintings, Bryce, Photoshop, etc). Style and approach are up to you, whether humorous or serious; but all entries must comply with all our group rules and challenge theme.

Your work must clearly show a robot, android, cyborg or some other futuristic, quasi-intelligent machine. Use the setting of your choice.

NO FAN ART!! This mean, No Daleks, no Star War ’droids, no other famous robots from the movies or TV; tribute art is not accepted in the group.

Try and use the IMAGE-ONLY DEFAULT when you upload, please! I need to see a PICTURE when I open up your image, not a sticker, coffee mug or i-phone case, etc! (Shirt designs are fine if your work is geared for shirts).

Older work is fine, newer work is better yet! But NO priors winner from the Group. Top 10’s are fine, as are works which may have won in other groups. Let’s give Everyone a chance.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Pick the Best/ vote for more than one.

No cheating or Soliciting of Votes! Any member caught padding the ballot box either via Bubblemail, Facebook, Multiple Accounts or any other venue will have their work removed and risk deletion from the group. So play fair! Let the artwork win on merit, not your popularity on social media.

If you enter, don’t neglect to VOTE! Voting is important! Only takes a sec… and reminders will be sent if possible.

Rewards & Prizes

Winning artist gets a winner’s banner and becomes a Featured Artist with a Presentation in our Forum showing off your work in Super-Size.

If we get more than 20 entries, Top 10’s also get a banner and a feature in our Forum, provided entries have some votes.

Additional Information

All entries must be IN THE GROUP by closing time, or they may be removed and you will forfeit your chance to win! So be sure and put them in.

We need at least 13 entries to continue to the end…. so get creative/ let’s see your best in robots, androids, cyborg and machines!

Hope you’ll have some fun with this! :-)

Cover Image: Blue Light by Jeff Kingston


The Top Ten

Blue Light by Jeff Kingston

Blue Light by Jeff Kingston was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • automaton by Matt Mawson
  • Robots in Space - black - fun pattern by Cecca Designs by Cecca-Designs
  • b.o.t. by sotiris1989
  • Welcome to Machine by Cliff Vestergaard
  • engineering dna by oneoftheclan
  • We Just Never Had No Heroes by Martin Muir
  • Piece of Humanoid by Eric Nagel
  • Semblance of mechanics by floatingpilot
  • Futuristic Welder Robot by FelipeVera

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