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The Challenge

~ New Perpectives on the Past ~

It’s becoming clearer all the time that we have an incomplete picture of our history, especially of the distant past. It’s entirely possible (some say, obvious) that we’re mistaken in assuming WE are at the Apex of human culture, progress and scientific insight.

What’s the real story? Did advanced human cultures come and go without our knowledge? Were we really visited by Ancient Astronauts?

We do know, human history reaches much further back in time than we were taught in school. The ruins at Gobeckli Tepe (Turkey) for example, date back at least 11,000 years pre-dating even Stonehenge by 60 centuries! No culture capable of such construction was supposed to be around that early ~ anywhere. And that’s from the Smithsonian, a bastion of mainstream archaeology.

Such discrepencies are being found around the globe today ~ everything from sunken cities much too old to fit into our formerly accepted paradigms to ancient petroglyphs depicting what appear for all the world like UFO’s and Aliens (and the native people refer to them as Star People: have for centuries). Not-so-mainstream scholars have suggested (strongly) that nearly EVERYTHING we think about our past is wrong!

For this challenge, let’s see your interpretation and ideas on this fascinating topic!

All mediums are welcome (drawings, paintings, digital creations using Bryce, Photoshop, etc.) and style and approach are up to you, whether serious or humorous; but to be accepted, all entries need to be On Theme and comply with all our group requirements. All else will be removed, it’s only fair to those who follow all the rules.

Remember ~ this is not Science Fiction; this is Speculative Science! Here, the Story’s not the thing. Here, we’re looking for the theories and the possibilities. So no generic UFO’s (that was another challenge!). It’s fine if you decide to show us Ancient Aliens but your image should refer to or at least suggest, some connection to the PAST along with any “visitors” you may portray.

Depictions of mystery-sites, mystery hieroglyphics, mystery-artifacts, are all invited ~ as are stories and accounts based on actual discoveries (such as under-water ruins, even structures on the Moon or Mars). Do be sure your text or title gives us some indication what we’re looking at, especially if it’s not that evident without a reference.

No Abstracts, please! And as always here, No Tribute Art. Imagery should be your own.

Feel free to make a reference to a program in your text (one which covers Science or The Unexplained) but keep in mind, Fringe Science & Beyond does not accept imagery from pop culture like the Tardis or the Enterprise.

Older work’s ok ~ newer work is better yet! But NO prior challenge winners from the group. Work that’s won in other groups is fine, as is work which made Runner up before (Top 10).

Get more inspiration/information here and here

Judging / Voting Criteria

Pick your faves! You can vote for more for than one ~ just vote honestly.

No Soliciting of Votes! Any member caught padding the ballot box via Bubblemail, Facebook or multiple accounts will have their work removed and risk deletion from the group. If you do have multiple accounts, you can enter more than once (because I really have no way of knowing all your various identities!) but PLAY FAIR! If you enter once, vote once. And let the entries win on merit, not your popularity on social media!

Rewards & Prizes

Winner gets a Winner’s Banner, spotlight-feature on our Group Home Page and a Special Presentation in our Forum. In addition, he or she will be inducted to our Hall of Fame (Featured Artists). Presentation Pages will display not just the winning image, but 5 others from your gallery!

1st Place Ties are recognized; the Bubble puts a Winner in the winner’s box, but if another gets the SAME amount of votes, that’s a Winner too. This has been RB policy ever since the days of $20 vouchers. Not everyone continues the tradition, but here we do.

If we get a minimum of 20 entries, runners up (Top 10) will also get a Banner and a mention in the Forum, if the image has some votes.

[Note: we need at least 10 entries for the challenge to proceed. But there are 3 whole weeks, lots of time to do a brand new artwork if you’re so inclined!] :-))

Additional Information

Please be sure your entry is accepted in the group by voting time!

What, are you still reading?? Go and Get Creative! Hope you’ll have some fun with this. And remember ~ we don’t ask you to believe, just report! "-)

Cover Image: Transmission by Peter Krause


The Top Ten

Transmission by Peter Krause

Transmission by Peter Krause was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 11 votes.

  • Skull Rock by Cliff Vestergaard
  • Secrets of the world by andy551
  • Something strange at Stonehenge by Joe Trodden
  • Couditbe by ArtByDrew
  • Easter Island Heads by David Sanders
  • The Fifth Element by Ellanita
  • Bird Man by CrismanArt
  • Did You Ever Wonder Where Your Ancestors Came From ? by Dennis Melling
  • Rapa Nui by Bronzarino

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