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Your Best At Cutting Edge! ($20)

This challenge closed over 5 years ago.

The Challenge


Normally there is only one $20 voucher challenge per group, per month. But the winner in the Our Place in the Cosmos Challenge ~ ArtX ~ has requested we award his voucher to another member in another challenge. This is it! And thank you, ArtX!

Rules are simple: enter what you feel is your Best Work here at Cutting Edge. All topics welcome provided they relate to the focus of the group! (Artwork only, please: no shirt designs or i-phone covers).

Judging / Voting Criteria

Pick your faves. You may vote for more than one.

(As always, no soliciting of votes! Let the artwork win on merit, not popularity. Anybody caught soliciting via Bubblemail, Facebook, etc., will be disqualified).

Please be sure to vote!!! We will send reminders out if possible.

Rewards & Prizes

$20 voucher ~
Winner’s banner ~
Winner will become a Featured Artist with a permanent exhibit in the Forum and a mention on our group home page. In this case however, we can NOT recognize a tie, as there is only voucher to award.

If we get more than 20 entries,Top 10’s will get a banner and their work will be showcased in the Forum too. If less than 20 we will recognize the Top 5.

Additional Information

Your entry MUST be in the group. Any work which isn’t in the group will be removed; so please be sure your artwork is officially accepted prior to entering.

Again, this is a bonus challenge and we’re not equipped to recognize a tie. There will be ONE $20 winner only. This will be based on the official page at the closing of the challenge as decided by the Bubble and will not be open to debate.

Huge Thanks again to ArtX, whose stunning artwork “Ultimate World” is also the cover image!

Cover Image: ULTIMATE WORLD by ArtX


The Top Ten

Tunnel by Syd Baker

Tunnel by Syd Baker was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 8 votes.

  • Piece of Nature by Eric Nagel
  • Hollow Man by billyboy
  • Invasion of Rifakin by Angela Harburn
  • Freeing The Mermaid by Richard  Gerhard
  • Urban chameleon by Carol and Mike Werner
  • On the Edge of Time and Space by Lea  Weikert
  • Hell Realm  .. world of the demon by LoneAngel
  • The Observer (Poetry & Art) by Rhonda Strickland
  • Bloody lolita by Gal Lo Leggio

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