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Recent Work

  • Moon by lerson
  • Drift to a new World by Karen Nadine
  • the Shuttlecraft by blacknight
  • Throttle Up by Ronald Woods
  • Pink Ghostplanet by stiankj
  • U R the UNIVERSE ~ Rumi by TeaseTees
  • Taras Bulbs by KLIMAS
  • The Return by Ronald Woods
  • Sextet by KLIMAS
  • Night Sky by Igor Zenin
  • the Artichoke Forest by blacknight
  • Forbidden Whispers by JYELtheREAL-ART

About This Group


The Doors of Perception by Kazoheen

This is not a group for “strange artwork.” Our Focus here is Science and Speculative Science; ie, Mysteries of the Universe at large, Anomalies in Space and Time, Unexplained Phenomena in general (the Occult, the Paranormal, Strange Events and Sightings), UFO’s and Other-Worldly Entities, Cryptids and Creatures, as well as Mysteries of the Ancient Past, the Present and the Distant Future.

This is not a Science Fiction group per se, although in many cases concepts overlap. Star travel – life on other planets – aliens from other worlds and alternate dimensions – robots, cyborgs, androids, future tech – all are welcome subjects here but NO FAN ART. Ideas here should be your own, not drawn from the Media. No Tardises, no Star Trek, nothing from pop culture; Sci-Fi, our sister group, is the place for tribute art.

No surrealism for surrealism’s sake. Abstracts will ONLY be accepted if they reference concepts in keeping with our theme, and such ideas should be evident in titles and/or text.

No Untitled work And only 4 per day, Please don’t flood the group.

Also, try to use the IMAGE ONLY DEFAULT. Product images may be accepted in the group, but will NOT be featured, and will not qualify in challenges. Work in Shop format can’t be bannered, nor are comments possible. Any questions on this matter, write and ask!

Lastly, No overt religion, no animal abuse, no gore! Anything deemed inappropriate will be disqualified at the discretion of the hosts.

Remember… The Universe itself is Unexplained and Unexplored! And even what we THINK we know is not so certain, so the playing field’s big! If in any doubt about the type of artwork we accept, please see our gallery and our features.

We don’t ask you to believe – just report! So if you’re a skeptic, please follow RB’s rules of etiquette. Play nice!

We invite your most imaginative entries. Come explore the Great Unknown! After all, it’s where we live! :-)


Newest Challenge Winners/ Featured Artists!

Winner! Inter-Dimensional

Parallel Reality by psychoshadow

Winner! Robots, Androids, Cyborgs

Blue Light by Jeff Kingston

Winner! Where ET’s Reside

Home Base by Dream Garden Graphics
Winner! Space/The Lighter Side

Skateboarding Alien Chick by scaroby

Winner! “Mysteries in the Dark”

Rihanas planets by Snaret

Winners! Not at This Address (Dreamstates/parallel realities)

E10 by Pablo gerado camacho

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