Cute-n-Creepy Illustrations

Creating something that is both cute and creepy isn't easy. If you can pull it off, this is where you should be.

Recent Work

  • his dancing by Andrew Kilgower
  • Bucket Head Surfer by alford
  • the survivor by curua
  • voodoo zombie by ninamarie
  • Burned Dragon by Zoo-co
  • Super Vampire Boy  by Rajee
  • Pink paint splatter skull by Brenda Boo
  • I am an evolved vandal. by CAX-ONE
  • Dapper by CAX-ONE
  • waiting.. by Andrew Kilgower
  • lil bird by Andrew Kilgower
  • Whale Fishing by mikoto

About This Group

Currently weeding out the content…be back soon

HOWEVER…if you submit work that is not both cute and creepy, you WILL be rejected!

If your work is creepy but not cute, here is a couple of groups that you might enjoy. (please note that these groups also have guidelines that must be followed. Please do not swamp the moderators of these groups with hate mail, saying that their groups are too picky. Most of them also accept cute and creepy art, I just wanted to specify that)
Blood Red
Practicing the Dark Arts
Sanatorium B
The Love of Eerie and Enchanting Artwork
Monsters Ink.

If your work is cute but not creepy, try these groups: (the following groups also have guidelines so please follow them as well and do not send them hatemail saying they are being too picky)
Shanime:Inspired by Anime
Cutest of the Cute
Happy Haven

If you just want to throw your work in a group, the following groups (as far as I know, and I may be wrong on this…) will accept just about anything and everything so feel free to submit your work: (these groups also have guidelines here and there…please do not send them hate mail telling them that the few guidelines they have are unreasonable)
All your best work
If it doesnt belong
The Patchwork

I hope that at least a few of you will find the above information helpful.

See the group rules and join this group here

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