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Recent Work

  • 19v cigar box power supply #2 by LastChance
  • Triple Topless Mermaids by andytechie
  • Clownish make up & hair & body tattoos by rosie320d
  • Look out! by Rita  H. Ireland
  • Sexy tattoo Girl by kiwiartyfarty
  • Lauren  on Traincar by Renee D. Miranda
  • Tattoo In Progress by Julie Conway
  • Holding On by Renee D. Miranda
  • My Bride by Ravi Chandra
  • My Bride by Ravi Chandra
  • Hiding Behind A Mask by Natasha Crofts
  • "Hipps" by LastChance

About This Group

This group consists of tattoo-loving people. Eccentric tattoos, wonderful tattoo designs, and beautiful works of art inspired by tattoos. For all who enjoy the art of tattoo, and understand the difficulty behind an art-form some may “look down” upon. Tattooing is a beautiful, exotic way to display amazing pieces of art, a story, a memory, or just for fun. Tattoos are taking over, and not only on skin. Clothing is being covered in tattoos, websites, television shows. A tattoo is no longer just for convicts, and bikers, it is now a form to be taken seriously.

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