Current Issues

This group is for art and writing related to current political and social events.

About This Group

Congratulations to Alex Preiss who won our Politics of the Day Challenge The winning entry is Glenn Beck Manipulating America

Our Year in Review Challenge Winner is Matthew Scotland who won with his image The Crash

Congratulations Matthew Scotland

This group is for art and writing related to current political and social events. If your art or writing is sharp with a social and political edge then this group is for you.

All viewpoints are welcome and debate and discourse are expected. Shouting and abuse will not be tolerated.

If you do not want a discussion about your work or the views expressed in your work, do not submit it to Current Issues. The world is a diverse place, with many different viewpoints. You must expect that not everyone will agree with you.


  1. 1 A description of your work should be posted, state your meaning, and how you feel on the issues surrounding it.
  1. 2 Well finished art and writing are welcome. Half-formed or incoherent art or political rants will be removed. If it doesn’t look good or read well then it won’t last.
  1. 3 Only your own original art is welcome. Do not post political pamphlets, campaign literature, or photographs taken directly from Internet sites that are not incorporated as part of a new work.
  1. 4 All works need to abide by RedBubble’s content guidelines which means you must be careful with images that have violent content. Anything that condones or promotes violence is not acceptable.
  1. 5 Comments on works are to be expected but they need to be confined to the topic at hand (ie not personal in nature), should be polite and should aim to advance the dialog.
  1. 6 We support freedom of expression but we will not allow works that promote hate or have malicious use of stereotypes intended to attack or demean a particular gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or nationality. We believe political and social commentary can be made without recourse to such material. So, for example, if you want to make a point about a political system or ideology don’t make it in a way which is racist or demeaning of an entire nation. This includes no burning of any flag, from any Country.
  1. 7 Deletion or removal of comments is contrary to the concept of free expression and lively debate. If a comment does not violate the Group rules and is not a violation of the RedBubble User Agreement or the Please Play Nice Policy it should not be deleted. You should expect people to disagree with your views.
  1. 8 All works must conform to RedBubble’s additional content guidelines on Content & Behavior
  1. 9 All works must conform to RedBubble’s NSFW Filter & Pornography Guidelines

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