Cuba Libre (and other Caribbean cocktails) now accepting all Caribbean countries and Islands

Showcasing the beautiful Island of Cuba, and all Caribbean countries and Islands

Recent Work

  • Abandoned stairs by David Kelly
  • Sailing into Eternity by stine1
  • Romantic Sunset by Kasia-D
  • Beautiful and colourful little cafeteria in Trinidad, Cuba. by jonathankemp
  • The Jose Marti Memorial, in La Havana, Cuba. by jonathankemp
  • Abandoned bus in an empty backyard in Cienfuegos, Cuba. by jonathankemp
  • Caribbean Blue digital Artwork Isla Saona Tribute by stine1
  • Caribbean Photo Collage - Isla Saona by stine1
  • Calm before the Tornado by vette
  • Taking a break by David Kelly
  • The Lady at 180 by David Kelly
  • Whale Watching in the Caribbean by stine1

About This Group

Cuba Libre is for anyone who’s been to Cuba, or has ever wondered what it’s like. We hope to showcase images of this beautiful island, and its wonderful people to the world.

As of 01 Sept 2013 we are now accepting images of all the following Caribbean countries and the islands that make their countries up:

► Anguilla‎
► Antigua and Barbuda‎
► Aruba‎
► The Bahamas‎
► Barbados‎
► Belize‎
*Bermuda (as a member of the Caribbean Community…Caricom..
► British Virgin Islands‎
► Cayman Islands‎
► Colombia‎
► Costa Rica‎
► Cuba‎
► Curaçao‎
► Dominica‎
D cont.
► Dominican Republic‎
► French Guiana‎
► Grenada‎
► Guadeloupe‎
► Guyana‎
► Haiti‎
► Honduras‎
► Jamaica‎
► Martinique‎
► Mexico‎
► Montserrat‎
► Caribbean Netherlands‎
► Nicaragua‎
► Panama‎
► Puerto Rico‎
► Saint Barthélemy
► Saint Kitts and Nevis‎
► Saint Lucia‎
► Collectivity of Saint Martin‎
► Saint Vincent and the Grenadines‎
► Sint Maarten‎
► Suriname‎
► Trinidad and Tobago‎
► Turks and Caicos Islands‎
► United States Virgin Islands‎
► Venezuela‎

  • Also including members of Caricom…the Caribbean Community…

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