Works dedicated to, inspired by, or used for summoning the Ancient Ones beyond the Wall of Sleep

Recent Work

  • What I Learned at Miskatonic University by jackshoegazer
  •  Pentagram - Traumfänger  by cglightNing
  • Pentagramm - Traumfänger by cglightNing
  • Emperor Gold Dragon Head by Lord-Mothman
  • Another Abstract With Words # 1 by ellamental
  • I want YOU for Innsmouth! by LordNeckbeard
  • An Unkindness of Ravens by BurrowsImages
  • Cthulhu waits dreaming in the deep web by Devin Larson
  • Blood Splatter Matters {dedicated to all those fallen under the greedy and corrupted deep state} by ellamental
  •  Daughters  Of   MK ULTRA  by ellamental
  • Cthulhu Unleashed by Paul Mudie
  • Dunsany - A Shop in Go-By Street by Kazoheen

About This Group

This group is a home for all the twitching horrors that lurk in the night, dead yet dreaming…

This is the group where Cthulhu and Yog Sothoth throb to the sound of demon-flutes and alien Rites, chanted from the gibbering mouths of their brain-dead followers…

This is the group for your paintings, collages, drawings, poems, stories, or (if you’ve got them) photographs of Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Iak Sakkakth, the Goat of a Thousand Young, or any other of the Ancient Ones that dwell mysteriously in the heart of the Lovecraftian Multiverse. If it’s unspeakable, ineffable, indescribable, impossible, otherworldy, and in some way related to the majestic power of dread Cthulhu, it has a home here…

Ancient Lore… Shadowy Lurkings… the Lost Cities of R’lyeh…


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