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Recent Work

  • ACIM-Lesson 319 by ACIM-LOVE
  • Abandoned House, South Australia 2018 by muz2142
  • ACIM-Lesson 318 by ACIM-LOVE
  • Wonderful flowers by AbirMohamad
  • ACIM-Lesson 317 by ACIM-LOVE
  • ACIM-Lesson 316 by ACIM-LOVE
  •  Mount Bryan Hotel, South Australia 2018 by muz2142
  • 20180704 Rooster, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, Australia by muz2142
  • 20181021 Old Railway Platform, Mount Bryan, South Australia by muz2142
  • ACIM-Lesson 315 by ACIM-LOVE
  • ACIM-Lesson 314 by ACIM-LOVE
  • ACIM-Lesson 313 by ACIM-LOVE

About This Group

YO! We’re here now! :)

Ever wondered why your designs don’t sell? Ever wished you had a team of designers working for you?

Here we offer a critique “forum” per design. Submit your t-shirt designs and other members of RB and our design team can critique your work!

Comments will appear on your image or in the forum.

Then submit new versions (in the RB method of uploading a new work under the same title) and we’ll let you know how you’re doing!

This group is good for artists of all levels. If you need encouragement or if you’re just stuck on a design element, we can help!

-Please note, this group is NOT a way to attack others. We offer a means for constructive criticism and room to improve. Please comment on other artist’s work. Offer critiques/ feedback. Don’t just say “nice”, but explain why you feel that way/ or don’t! :).

Featured Work is the work we think is really creative, different, or that we have seen the most significant improvements with


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