Photography and Paintings! People with great imaginations. NO NUDITY!

Recent Work

  • Attic room by HANDraw
  • game till you die, skull with joystick by fer3407xzhtvz8
  • Creepshow 2 by American  Artist
  • Hungry by Wimbleshores
  • Creepshow 1 by American  Artist
  • Thorns by JaycenCRose
  • Crazy punk rock abstract background by TrishaMcmillan
  • overlord demon fire skull by fer3407xzhtvz8
  • Dark Hunger by parkie
  • Skull Mountain by Richard  Gerhard
  • Skeleton Original Design by Max Hr
  • Silhouette by Richard  Gerhard

About This Group

Vampires, Mummy, Skeletons, Scsry Castles, Scary Trees, Scary Looking Houses, Cemetery, Ravens, Wolves, Crypts, Coffins, Zombies,Tombs, Graves, Ghoulish, Spooky, Creepy, Caskets, Mausoleum, Dracular, Shadows, Werewolf, Ghosts, Spirits, Witches, Ghouls, Crypts, Coffins, Devil, Demons, Frankenstein, Foggy Places, Tombstones, Halloween, Graveyards, Monsters, Aliens, Spiders, and Bats.*

Accepting: Paintings, Photography, Digital, Water colors, Acrylic,
Drawings, Colored pencils, Halloween, T-shirts, Gimp, Layers

We are looking for great scary art work and images! Please do not be discouraged if your image is not accepted in our group, It’s nothing personal, it’s just not what were looking for. Just keep trying.

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