Creatures that Slither and Slide (2/Day)

Group Rules:

1 Subjects in your images must have No Legs, Fins, Wings or Flippers. Their mode of transport must be “Slither or Slide”.
2 Please submit only 2 images a day
3 Images, Written works and Clothing art must be of the subject matter described on the groups home page. Slugs, Snails, Snakes, Legless lizards, some sea creatures and such.
4 Strictly NO sexually explicit images, no nudity, no images that may offend young Red Bubblers
5 Only Creatures please – No Soap, Slime, Mud, Sludge etc
6 Play fair – be kind in your comments to other members.

We would also like to engage a group member (possibly as another co-host) to provide expert insight and information. If you are now a member that can provide this please let either Lyndy or George know and we’ll get back to you.

Group Charter
As a group we would like to encourage education and dissemination of information about these creatures through showcasing their images, forum discussions and group activities.
Most of all we aim to have fun with these forgotten creatures and give them the recognition they deserve.