Creatures that Slither and Slide (2/Day)

If it has NO legs and Slithers or Slides to get away from you... Shoot it! (With your camera... silly)

About This Group

”Creatures that Slither and Slide” is a group dedicated to those who capture images of the unusual creatures that are often forgotten. We want to see your best works of Art, Photos, Writings and garment designs of Slugs, Snails, Snakes, Legless lizards, Worms and such, including Aquatic creatures that slither and slide to get around. If they don’t have legs to run away or fins to swim away, they are fair game for the members of our group.
We don’t wan to see “slippery” things that are not “creatures” – no Mud, Soap, Slime etc just creatures going about their daily lives. And definitely no slithery people.

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