CREATURES - Life Under Water

A group for any creatures that live underwater.

Recent Work

  • Scills II by Norbert Probst
  • The Octopus of the Rising Sun by SuperOctopus
  • A Jellyfish floating through the clear blue water. by MissKat77
  • Broadclub Cuttlefish by Mark Rosenstein
  • Exquisite Wrasse by Mark Rosenstein
  • SINGER HIPPO by jorgedespinosa
  • Lantana Pygmygoby by Mark Rosenstein
  • Chilly Penguins Love Warm Hugs! by Michael Erdman
  • Mermaid in a Tiny Tank by nickelcurry
  • POOL DRAGON by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Is this thing safe?!? by Michael Erdman
  • Ghost Octopuses by IceTouched

About This Group

Please also come and visit our sister group All Things Aquatic

This is a family oriented group. As such, we do not accept writings, journal entries or images of an infammatory nature. If you have a personal peeve with Redbubble or anyone else, please take it up with them directly. We will not publicly air your dirty washing here.

We accept: Fresh water, Cold Water, Marine, Anemone, Clams, Fish, Squid, Shrimp, Turtles, Rays, Eels, Lobster, Sea Worms, Tube Worms, Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchines, Sponges, Lobster, Octopus, Manatees, Walruses, Penguins, Sharks, Seals Whales, Under water scenery and many more.


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