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A by invitation only group to showcase unique creative works

Recent Work

  • Senbazuru by rita vita finzi
  • A Little Curiosity by fizzyjinks
  • My Fascinating Friends by fizzyjinks
  • Wilbur and Orville by Mugsy
  • Blue dream.  by Tatyana Binovskaya
  • Lady Moon by Tatyana Binovskaya
  • Birds of a Feather by fizzyjinks
  • Stalwart by Ethan  Harris
  • sept moon by glennbrady
  • Learnin' to fly by KLIMAS
  • No Title 150 by Headcrime
  • Moral Backbone by KLIMAS

About This Group

NEW … Challenges have started!! Read imp. info here BEFORE entering


  • to MEMBERS, please, do NOT submit anything in this group, except the one/s you have been invited to.* (that moderator/s have selected in your portfolio. thank you

Everything here is about:imagination, creativity, originality, unicity !
so for all those unique artworks and pictures that has never been done and seen before. For new ideas/concepts, new techniques, new vision, new combination of elements, new style,… NEW anything, but NEW !

This group exhibits creative visual works chosen by the host/s to give them more exposure and to give a well deserved recognition to their artists.
This is a very selective group. Often, even people invited to submit a creative work might not have more than one, or a very few included into this gallery.
The most creative works members have done will be chosen. Diversity in your folio can help to include more unique works from you. (different styles, different concepts,…)

  • if you think your work is ‘unique’, don’t hesitate to add this tag in your keywords list, and the words imagination, ‘creativity’ or ‘creative’ too… so it has more chance to be found from our searches through the site.

Be creative ! be original ! be unique ! be ‘you’ and … be found ! =)

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

Your Hosts