Creative Inspirations - [2pw]

This is a group for deeply sensitive people who still believe enough in the world to want to inspire a creative evolution of sorts. *[2 submissions per week limit]*

About This Group

I believe that the ability to feel is the most amazing gift that anyone could be given. Further I believe creative people are the most deeply feeling people in the community. However many of us find our ability to feel to be as much a burden as it is a gift.
The primary motivation behind this group is to encourage members to help each other to fully embrace their depth of feeling and to spark a creative evolution of sorts. To really go deep within to understand all the wisdom that we contain. To bring this wisdom to each other and the community through deeply inspiring and honest words and visual creations.
Further this is a group for humble people who have a motivation to help and inspire others. For people who truly believe that life has a purpose and wish to help each other to discover this purpose.
Most importantly this is a group about equality and transparent communication. A group where the goal is not in seeking personal validation but about collectively sharing and inspiring. To this end I encourage people to put as much passion into viewing and commenting on the works of others as they do in submitting their own.


Maximum of 2 creative works to be submitted per week. Submissions will only be accepted on Tuesday of each week. Please keep written submissions to below 500 words.

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