*Creative Cards & Calendars* (1/Day)

Group Rules:

New Rules Effective November 2012

0 …. NO STANDARD PHOTOS ALLOWED and Please use the DEFAULT IMAGE or of the CARD when loading work to this group.

1 …. ONE (1) card or calendar per member per day

2 …. Images uploaded can be of any size .. ( card to poster) .. as long as they fit the entire card without any RB white edges and must be available to buy as a card .. There is a size chart .. HERE .. to help you

3 …. We accept .. digital artwork .. hand drawn artwork .. fractals .. patterns

4 …. We will accept certain types of photo-manipulation BUT this does not mean a photo just altered by adding text .. the photo-manipulation must be creative

5 …. Calendar images must have a LINK back to the calendar in the description where it can be seen .. no link means rejection

7 …. NO Pornographic, Offensive or Inflammatory material is permitted

8 …. The Hosts can enter all challenges … AS it is the members who choose the winning card …. The Hosts cards may also be featured .. as we are members too

9 …. The Host’s decision is final on all matters concerning this group … If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, etc. feel free to bmail LoneAngel

10 …. The hosts reserve the right to remove any work WITHOUT prior
warning to the artist, from the group and /or any challenge that does not
adhere to both group and redbubble guideline rules

11 …. In the event of more than 4 joint winners in a challenge then they will be a tie breaker challenge run

12 …. The most important rule of all …. Play Nice …. Have Fun …. Enjoy yourself