*Creative Cards & Calendars* (1/Day)

Cards and calendars with style and an essence of CREATIVITY

Recent Work

  • A Desert Scene * by James Lewis Hamilton
  • Seagulls at Sunset by MardiGCalero
  • Luv-Bot by Katie Corrigan
  • Koala-tea time by Dagloos
  • We're GHOSTS by QuantumShift
  • Bangkok Mobile Greengrocer by DAdeSimone
  • captured in love  by coby01
  • Twister by coby01
  • Snails in the Ocean by CarolineLembke
  • Artificial Intelligence by mrthink
  • Flower in ageing oils by indiafrank
  • Toffee Apple by ZebEddy

About This Group

CREATIVE CARDS & CALENDARS … is a friendly group for all who wish to express themselves in the art of designing those special cards and calendars

The creative image with the WOW factor

CARDS .. there is no standard size limit to the image .. as long as it correctly fits the card size NO RB white edges, this happened when RB altered the sizes it made their cards. There is a size chart HERE to help you

The card must also be available to buy as a card .. no exceptions

CALENDARS .. The image must have a LINK back to the calendar .. no link then we reject

We accept .. digital artwork .. hand drawn artwork .. fractals .. patterns .. all text

We accept .. Text on image cards But the text must not over whelm the image

We accept .. certain types of photo-manipulation but we do not accept a photo with just text on it .. this is not what we mean by photo-manipulation. Also all TEXT cards must be creative, moderator will decide.


This is a FUN group .. with Challenges that will tease your creative side .. But the most important thing is that you ENJOY yourself

For those who wish to join the group …. PLEASE …. read the rules carefully to make sure that you understand them

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