Covered Bridges

A group dedicated to quaint and picturesque covered bridges.

Recent Work

  • Covered bridge to town  by maggie326
  • Meems Bottom Covered Bridge In Snow by James Brotherton
  • Hopewell Church Covered Bridge, Perry County Ohio by Chad Wilkins
  • Rishel Bridge by DJ Florek
  • Covered Bridge in Bedford PA by Sherri Fink
  • The Union Village Covered Bridge 1 by Carolyn Clark
  • Chambers Road Bridge - Ohio by Terence Russell
  • Humpback Bridge by James Brotherton
  • Sheard's Mill Covered Bridge 1873 by DJ Florek
  • Bean Blossom Covered Bridge by mcstory
  • Red Bridge by MGriffiths
  • Rochester Covered Bridge by aussiedi

About This Group

Covered bridges symbolize small-towns. Often called kissing bridges or courting bridges, they bring back visions of when life was simpler.

There are many tales as to the reason bridges were covered, but the truth is actually a practial one. The bridges were covered to protect the wooden trusses that held the bridge together. If the trusses were left to the ravages of weather, they would have decayed in about 10 years. When they were covered, their life span increased tenfold.

Featured Covered Bridge Image by Terrence Russell

United States – Dale Travis List
United States – list

  1. Georgia – 16 Covered Bridges
  2. Indiana – 90 Covered Bridges
  3. Kentucky – 13 Covered Bridges
  4. Maine – 9 Covered Bridges
  5. Maryland – 7 Covered Bridges
  6. Massachusetts – 9 Covered Bridges
  7. New Hampshire – 54 Covered Bridges
  8. Ohio – 150+ Covered Bridges
  9. South Carolina – 1 Covered Bridges
  10. Pennsylvania – 197 Covered Bridges
  11. Tennessee – 4 Covered Bridges
  12. Vermont- 107 Covered Bridges
  13. Virginia – 8 Covered Bridges

Travis J. Davis List of Canada Covered Bridges
New Brunswick

Covered Bridges of China – 7 bridges


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