County Durham

Everything to do with Co. Durham, UK.

  • Steetley Girl by Phillip Dove
  • March Landscape, Low Coniscliffe, North of England by Ian Alex Blease
  • A Snowy Morning in January by BlueMoonRose
  • Frozen little tree by Tony Blakie
  • Broken Scar Weir, River Tees New Years Day, 2012. ( 3 FT's) by Ian Alex Blease
  • Gallow Hill from the Teesdale Way Trail. Late Evening Sky. England by Ian Alex Blease
  • Low Force in Spate by mountainsandsky
  • The Gate ... by mountainsandsky
  • Melancholic Sycamore Tree by the River Tees, in winter clothing. by Ian Alex Blease
  • November Sycamore tree on Foggy day alongside the River Tees, by Ian Alex Blease
  • Frozen in time by Tony Blakie
  • Penshaw Poppies by Doug Dawson
  • Rock in Ice. River Tees, England 21-January-2011 by Ian Alex Blease
  • The River Tees at Low Force by mountainsandsky
  • Looking down from Houghton Bank towards the Tees Valley, Durham,England by Ian Alex Blease
  • Just another brick in the wall by Graeme1978
  • Harvest at Shotton, Co. Durham by Paul Berry
  • Golden River Tees Sunset, 27-March-2011 by Ian Alex Blease