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Everything Country Victoria... Photos only - No ipads, i pods, iphones, clothing , FRAMES or Throw Pillows Duvet covers or MUGS

Recent Work

  • Post Office Door by kalaryder
  • Long Forest Mallee by Bette Devine
  • Craig's Hut, Victoria, Australia by Christine Smith
  • Bendigo Park by lezvee
  • Lavender with Bee - Garden 2011  by EdsMum
  • Busy Bee 2  by D-GaP
  • Cathedral Doorway by kalaryder
  • The Seven Creeks. by Jeanette Varcoe.
  • Busy Bee by D-GaP
  • A bit of brightness down the lane by Linda Lees
  • Leaving Sassafras along route through Lovely Trees by EdsMum
  • Highway from Melbourne to Sassafras, Vic. Australia by EdsMum

About This Group

Welcome to Country Victoria, looking forward to seeing some super work and plenty of comments in support of the Group & Members

Submissions are 3 per day.

Submissions must be taken in the Victorian Countryside, not Melbourne or inner suburbs. Outer suburbs and seasides are allowed with a Rural theme.

County towns are accepted, streets, buildings etc.

Macros and close ups are allowed as long as they were taken in the Victorian Country and say so in the description

Before adding your work – Please add to the description where your photo etc was taken/based. Any work without a description will be removed from the group.


Show off Country Victoria to the rest of Australia & the world, show it as it is a Beautiful State with lovely countryside



Avatar/May-Members Choice 6th May 2017

Metal Lotus by Kalaryder

Avatar/April/Member’s Choice – 09/4/2017

Melbourne Australia by Ann Dixon

Avatar/March – 21/3/2017

Yarra Valley by Greg McMahon

Avatar/March -co-Winner – 21/3/2017

The Day’s Work by Harry Oldmeadow

Avatar/February – 13/3/2017

Windmill by Harry Oldmeadow

Avatar-January – 3/2/2017

Winter at the Farm by Jeanette Varcoe

Avatar/December – 18/12/2016

ZigZag by Greg McMahon

AVATAR – Country town – 25/10/2016

Steam Power Sovereign Hill, 19th Century Ballarat, Vic.
by Tony Crehan

AVATAR/Magnificent Tree – 27/9/2016

River Gums
by Kerry Hill

Avatar/Native Flower – Winner 1 – 16/9/2016

Kunzea ambiqua
by BetteDevine*

Avatar/Native Flower – Winner 2 – 16/9/2016

Little Ballerinas
by Linda Lees

AVATAR/Birds/Members Choice – 18/8/2016

Rainbow Lorikeet
by Joy Watson

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 18/7/2016

Misty Murray
by D-Gap

Avatar/A Country Town – 25/6/2016

Down on Main Street
by Linda Lees

Avatar/Native Bird – 28/5/2016

by Peter Krause

Avatar/Member’s Choice – Winner 06/3/2016

Hopkins Falls
by Greg Martin

Avatar/Member’s Choice – Co-Winner – 06/3/2016

Wando River
by Kerry Hill

Avatar/Member’s Choice – Co-Winner – 06/3/2016

Abandoned Bush House
by shaynetwright

Avatar/Member’s Choice – Co-Winner – 06/3/2016

Maldon Evening
by Harry Oldmeadow

Avatar/Member’s Choice – Co-Winner – 06/32016

Thistles on the Farm
by Lozzar Images

Avatar/Member’s Choice – Co-Winner – 06/3/2016

by Bette Devine

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 26/11/2015

Lake Crosbie-Murray Sunset NP
by Kevin McGennan

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 04/10/2015

by Harry Oldmeadow

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 29/9/2015

Misty Trees, Mount Buffalo
by Roz McQuillan

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 13/9/2015

Walhalla a Dusk
by DavidsArt

Avatar/Member’sChoice – Co-Winner – 13/9/2015

Vantage Point
by Meg Hart

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 04/9/2015

Robindale Bridge
by Werner Padarin

Avatar/Member’s Choice – Co-Winner 04/9/2015

Maldon Steam
by shayneTwright

Avatar/Member’s Choice – Co-Winner – 04/9/2015

Golden Canola
by Jeanette Varcoe

Avatar/Member’s Choice -Co-Winner – 04/9/2015

A little Chilly this Morning
by LozzarLandscape

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 04/8/2015

Sunrise Reflections, Lake Lonsdale, Stawell
by forgantly

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 13/7/2015

Eastern Yellow Robin
by D-Gap

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 08/6/2015

Kyneton sunset
by Sherene Clow

Avatar-Member’s Choice – 12/04/2015

Rooftops & Spires of Bendigo’s Beautiful buildings
by Tony Crehan

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 19/03/2015

Early settlers cottage in Maldon Vic Australia
by Margaret Morgan (Watkins)

Avatar/Member’s Choice – Co-Winner – 19/03/2015

Flower on Buffalo
by D-Gap

AVATAR/Member’s Choice – 22/02/2015

Oak Avenue
by Bette Devine

AVATAR/Members Choice – 22/01/2015

Sunrise from Mount Speculation
by Kevin McGennan

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 20/11/2014

London Bridge 2011
by Werner Padarin

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 26/10/2014

Berrybank Transcontinental Train Station…
by Colin Binks

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 28/9/2014

Snowgum, Mount Speculation
by Kevin McGennan

Avatar-Native Tree or Flower – 27/8/2014

From Olden Times.
by Bette Devine

Avatar/Members Choice – 27/7/2014

Sardine Flat on the Tambo River
by Greg McMahon

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