"""""COUNTRY VICTORIA (AUST.) Limit 3 Daily"""""

Everything Country Victoria... Photos only - No ipads, i pods, iphones, clothing , FRAMES or Throw Pillows Duvet covers or MUGS

Recent Work

  • Morning Gold by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Light Play by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Mistic by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Mangrove Reverie by Bette Devine
  • Forest Stream  by cjcphotography
  • Old church at Tarraville by Peter Krause
  • The Eye of the Frog by D-GaP
  • Yellow Bellied Robin by D-GaP
  • St John's Steps by kalaryder
  • Vestments by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Yellow Bellied Robin  2 by D-GaP
  • Pyramid Rock by Bette Devine

About This Group

Welcome to Country Victoria, looking forward to seeing some super work and plenty of comments in support of the Group & Members

Submissions are 3 per day.

Submissions must be taken in the Victorian Countryside, not Melbourne or inner suburbs. Outer suburbs and seasides are allowed with a Rural theme.

County towns are accepted, streets, buildings etc.

Macros and close ups are allowed as long as they were taken in the Victorian Country and say so in the description

Before adding your work – Please add to the description where your photo etc was taken/based. Any work without a description will be removed from the group.


Show off Country Victoria to the rest of Australia & the world, show it as it is a Beautiful State with lovely countryside


Avatar/Member’s Choice – 14/9/2018

Salisbury Falls, Warby Ranges by Kevin McGennan

Avatar, Members Choice 29/6/2018

Art Deco Building by Kalaryder

Avatar, Members Choice – 29/6/2018

Christ Church, Castlemaine lll by Harry Oldmeadow

Avatar, Members Choice 29/6/2018

The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne by Ann Dixon

Avatar/Member’s Choice/ March – 31/3/2018

Peace by Harry Oldmeadow

Avatar/Member’s Choice – 26/2/2018

The Lake by Lezvee

Avatar/Public Transport – 10/2/2018

TricycleTaxi by Lezvee

Avatar/November-Member’s Choice – 25/11/2017

The Falls by Bette Devine

Avatar/October/Member’s Choice – 21/10/2017

Worshipping Nature by CJCPhotography

Avatar/Sept. – 09/9/2017

Point Lonsdale Pier and the Rip by AHelene

Avatar/August – 06/8/2017

High Country, Chinaman’s Creek by Kay Cunningham*

Avatar/July – 09/7/2017

Castlemaine Architecture – Lezvee

Avatar/May-Members Choice 6th May 2017

Metal Lotus by Kalaryder

Avatar/April/Member’s Choice – 09/4/2017

Melbourne Australia by Ann Dixon

Avatar/March – 21/3/2017

Yarra Valley by Greg McMahon

Avatar/March -co-Winner – 21/3/2017

The Day’s Work by Harry Oldmeadow

Avatar/February – 13/3/2017

Windmill by Harry Oldmeadow

Avatar-January – 3/2/2017

Winter at the Farm by Jeanette Varcoe

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