*COUNTRY ROADS – COUNTRY VIEWS - is about sharing the same sights you experience along the way…the things that excite you as you discover them - No Products or Framing. THREE (3) entries limit per day*

Recent Work

  • Highland Calf by AnnDixon
  • Three Black Bear Cubs by AnnDixon
  • Enlightened Pelican by indiafrank
  • Pacific Heron by Penny Smith
  • Easy going (not going) by shireengol
  • North Uist: Sheep in Paradise by Kasia-D
  • Pretty Spring Colt  by Nicole  Markmann Nelson
  • Yellow wild Flowers - Dandilion? by Glen Allen
  • Sunset Strength  by Nicole  Markmann Nelson
  • Kiss Me! by Heather Friedman
  • Lakeside View by Nuno Pires
  • Arabian Adventure - Dubai by Yannik Hay

About This Group

If you Love COUNTRY ROADS & COUNTRY VIEWS this is the place to be!
Country Roads take us to places that are SCENIC, SERENE and BEAUTIFUL, where solitude and adventure await us!

COUNTRY ROADS is changing our focus – capturing the same sights you experience as you drive….the LANDSCAPE views of the farms, LANDSCAPE views of farm houses, LANDSCAPE views of old barns, ACTIVITIES of country folk at work, ACTIVITIES of “Country Kids” at play, farm/ranch animals in a beautiful nature scene or with old fences that wind along the country road, …the things that excite you as you discover them

We still love the solitude our COUNTRY ROADS offer and will continue to Welcome these Classic Country Roads shots as always but we also like the COUNTRY VIEWS along the way! We are now accepting BOTH types of work. Please view our gallery for ideas for your future work! Looking forward to seeing many old friends here and making new ones who join us


Pick of The Week September 22nd, 2017

Sparks Lane Sunrise by Douglas Stucky

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Image Of The Week 2017


Avatar/A Country Market – 07/7/2018

Pumpkin Time by Nadya Johnson

Avatar/An Old Country Gate – 07/5/2018

The Wooden Gate by Imi Koetz

Avatar/Sheep Country – 06/4/2018

High on the Hill stood a Lonely….Sheep by SieneBrowne

Avatar/Wide Open Spaces – 17/3/2018

Monument Valley, Arizona, Utah by Buckwhite

Avatar/Along the side of the Road – 18/2/2018

The Dark Edges, Northern Ireland by Ludwig Wagner

Avatar/Something Up a Tree – 28/1/2018

The Forgotten Star in a Tree by Imi Koetz

Avatar/Something up a Tree Co-Winner – 28/1/2018

Mama Hummer by Heather Friedman

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