Cottage Living-updated 02 July 2012

Group Rules:

1. Cottages – generally a small house, but it could be a two story house as long as it has that quintessential cottage charm. It is usually situated in the countryside or seashore. We will allow some images of businesses as long as it has that cottage charm we are looking for. But it does not include shacks, sheds, barns or churches, but it will include bird houses as they are a part of cottage living.
2. Cottage Gardens – Gardens showing a picket fence or county ornaments. The buzz word here is COTTAGE! Please NO macro shots of flowers, butterflies or insects. Certain types of flowers qualify here.. Roses, especially climbers and ramblers, hydrangeas, random perennials, daisies, pansies and tulips.
3. No captures of people being the focus, but animals and poultry as would be found in a cottage setting is permissible.
4. Cottage interiors, ornaments, settings or flower arrangements in a cottage style interior.
5. Please do not add more than three images per day. Exceptions will be made for an artist who is featured in a particular week.
6. We will allow images of businesses that have that quintessential cottage charm.
7. We kindly ask you that all Journal submissions must be something directly relating to Cottage Style. Try and refrain from general journal entries
8. Our main focus point will be on photography and art. We encourage all members to “raise the bar of excellence” and present ONLY their BEST SELLABLE IMAGES! We only want the best of your best in this group.
9. Features will be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and there will be regular challenges. If you have any ideas for challenges, please bubblemail Sandra or Marjorie with your ideas.
10. Please come and show us your beautiful work so that we can feast our eyes. Above all, come and have fun !

Synonyms for Cottage
Small House
Log Cabin
Description of the word Cottage in the Encarta Dictionary
A small house, usually situated in the countryside or beside the sea