COOL FAR OUT TEES (2 per day)T-shirts Only!!!

Group Rules:

2 works per day.

Do not submit t-shirt designs that are based on video games, computer games, current and past movies, current and past television shows, companies, politicians, bands, book, comics, company logos, anime characters, Disney characters, famous people, game characters, movie characters and other famous people,

No copyright laws breaking, may be expelled from group! Copyright and trademark laws sound extremely complicated but I think it all boils down to respecting others intellectual property. The laws that enforce the rights of an intellectual property owner are complex because there are countless ways in which people can steal someone else’s property.
The best way to ensure that you don’t breach copyright and trademark laws is to produce your own original work. It’s a lot harder but much more gratifying and you’ll be far more respected for it.
T-shirts only!
No pictures, cards, iPhone case or Stickers!
*No nudity, swearing, naughty text or vulgar art.

No killings, down rite gorey, sexual acts.
*No Using the “FK” “PY” “BASTARD” “WHORE” (Or words or text close to it.)

Be cool with the hosts.
*Host can be in challenges, featured and submit there own work.
*The Host’s decision is final on all matters concerning this group … If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, etc. feel free to bmail tapiona

If Tees are in a different language, please put the translation in English for us in the Description area.

The group hosts reserve the right to remove any photograph, without prior
warning to the artist, from the group and /or any challenge that does not
adhere to both group and redbubble guideline rules.
Do not to be offended if your photo does not
get selected for the group, as we do our best to
only add photos that fit all the criteria of the group.
We try to be fair with all images coming in.
Please, if your image is denied, do not keep resubmitting it. You just cause more work to the hosts and delay acceptance of the ones who do belong in the group. It is also frustrating to the hosts and if it keeps happening, we may close the group.