Contemporary Architecture

*smooth lines and clean shapes* of the Modern Architecture [after 1980's]

Recent Work

  • Modern Architecture (4) by SteveOhlsen
  • Modern Architecture (14) by SteveOhlsen
  • Seven by Catherine Mardix
  • Through Rose Colored Glasses by Roc Ahrensdorf
  • Dots by Ian  James
  • duo by terezadelpilar ~ art & architecture
  • Federation Triangles by Marguerite Foxon
  • Window in Blue by Marguerite Foxon
  • Milwaukee Art Museum by Jigsawman
  • Petronas Twin Towers I by Farah McLennan
  • scribbles by gompo
  • Dark Skyscraping by Angel Dee

About This Group

Looking for Contemporary Architecture and got tired of browsing through images of castles, common skylines, ordinairy city streets, ruins, trailerparks, highways, cottages, ancient bridges or gothic churches?

Welcome to the Contemporary Architecture Group, where the building itself is the subject of the photograph (exterior views only).
and we’re talking modern / contemporary architectural photography here.

No holiday pictures, where you or someone is posing in front of a building, or that an architectural masterpiece is in the far distance, which is not really interesting, so it will not be approved.

As we all travel a lot, it is also important to know where the pictures are taken. You might want to see the building yourself wich was posted on RedBubble when you’re in the neighbourhood….

For works to be accepted, they must therefore include
it’s location where they were shot in the description.
[just take a look at the group rules for the other guidelines]

See the group rules and join this group here

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