Colours of Science

Show the world that science can be beautiful too

Recent Work

  • Earth - Cross Section by Pig's Ear Gear
  • Steampunk - The Mad Scientist by Michael Savad
  • Out of the Blue by BlueShift
  • Crystal Way by BlueShift
  • Unity by BlueShift
  • It's like neon, neon. by Michael  Herrfurth
  • Science - Chemist - Chemistry Equipment  by Michael Savad
  • PropEngine by Bill Wetmore
  • Sharp flower by Gabriel Skoropada
  • Lite touch by timbarker75
  • Chemist - My first chemistry set  by Michael Savad
  • Chemist - The Apparatus by Michael Savad

About This Group

Science is often seen as divorced from art, but so many scientific experiments have such beautiful results. For example, pH tests with indicators, polaroid film-crossing showing multicoloured material stresses, even the beauty of the assembled delicate detailed glass in an experiment.
Please note – images must be of actual experiments, rather than digitally-created artwork.
Due to the nature of the work here, a lot of the images could well be considered Avant-Garde so check out that group too!!

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