*COLORED PENCIL ART***MUST LIST PENCIL medium!!! ..1 per day...(NO SHOPS or products, Image Only, rejected otherwise)

- A group for COLOR drawings in colored pencil NO Conti Pastels or B W Charcoal..NO DIGITAL WORKS or DIGITAL RETOUCHES, like backgrounds,....please list your medium in description. IMAGE ONLY size is all I allow for moderation. Anything else and it will

Recent Work

  • Aboriginal Chief by Brittney LeBlanc
  • A Dear Friend  by Brittney LeBlanc
  • Three Horses  by Brittney LeBlanc
  • Scotia by Brittney LeBlanc
  • West Highland White Terrier by BarbBarcikKeith
  • Dream Journey  by Valentina Gatewood
  • Two Women Running on the Beach, After Picasso by John Douglas
  • Pink Skull by Platinumfrog
  • Keplie cross by Apatche Revealed
  • Trails to Adventure by Richard Klekociuk
  • Blue Skull by Platinumfrog
  • Christopher Eccleston as Dr Who by arfineart

About This Group

There are lots of RedBubble groups out there for general drawing, graphite drawing, pastel drawing… but none specifically set up for the humble coloured pencil- until now!

ONE per day……

NO Products, or SHOP images allowed. Image Only…. MUST be able to be bannered and seen…Rejected otherwise….

All *colored pencil work welcome! The aim of this group is to celebrate this versatile medium, to inspire one another, and to share tips and techniques along the way.*

*Detailing the type of pencil used, along with the paper type (or whatever else you are drawing on!) in your description will help us all learn more about our craft…….

Images without medium used being listed in description will be deleted. No multiple images of the same basic design, this way everyone gets Face Time. Repeated rejections by the same artist will result in being dropped from the group. Nudity will be allowed on a case by case basis. No gratuitous nudity and violent, vulgar images allowed. I want this to be a safe, family friendly environment…… Image Only size is all we allow for Moderation purposes. No products will be accepted for moderation purposes, due to my vision problems. I need to be able to judge quality and content at a glance.. New rules effective 2-18-15.

We look forward to seeing your colored pencil creations!

Its OK if other media is used, but Colored Pencils need to be the main focus, just state what you have done. (No Digital retouches, Conti Pastel, oil pastel or B & W Charcoal)

+ Challenge Winner+

Magnificent Macaws
by lanadi

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