Colouring-in Book 2/day NOW OPEN!

Group Rules:


No honorable Artist uses other people’s work without proper permission.
Please ask & wait for permission before you copy artwork!
Art is ‘intellectual property’ and carries an unwritten copyright, especially
when sent to a Site such as RB.
Because it’s not protected, it’s not necessarily free to use for your own benefit.

“Because I Can” is not acceptible reasoning for stealing
images or other intellectual Property Or anybody’s property, for that matter!

We will not accept art that is somebody else’s work, or “intellectual Property”,
such as Betty Boop, Pogo, and other known characters from anybody who doesn’t own the copyright.
Cartoon strips with known characters must be your own copyrighted work, too.
Tinkerbelle, Mickey Mouse and friends, The Roadrunner, Daffy Duck, etc., will not be accepted here. They’re still under contract to their studios.
This is RB’s policy and, as artists ourselves, it’s ours as well.

Pogo: “We Have Found the Enemy and He Is Us!” …Remember? He was in the dugout canoe…?

All gifs unless otherwise noted are from