A weekly themed group based on Color. FLOWER and NATURE works only.


  • A Gorgeous Mix # 3 by Penny Smith
  • Froggy family portrait by IowaShots
  • Half Bloom  by autumnwind
  • Roses are red that part is true,  but violets are violet; not f**king blue. by alan shapiro
  • Kiss Of Pink Hibiscus With Dancing Leaves by CJ Anderson
  • Green Wave by CrismanArt
  • Suncatcher by CrismanArt
  • Governor General's rose 6 by Shulie1
  • Governor General's rose 7 by Shulie1
  • aurora borealis - 5 by Perggals© - Stacey Turner
  • Governor General's roses 5 by Shulie1
  • A Winter paradise by Ana Belaj
  • Australian Gold - Spring 2017 my Garden by EdsMum
  • Fresh Apple by Nuno Pires
  • Lilactime from my garden, Spring 2017* by EdsMum
  • Pink and White Delight by Penny Smith
  • Queens Park Gardens 2017 # 3 by Penny Smith
  • Grey on Green by Marguerite Foxon