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Recent Work

  • FFF by Frank  Moth
  • No 21. Trash Polka Coffee in a Coffee Shop Digital Collage by TeAnne
  • Autumn leaf on a prawn cracker collage by TeAnne
  • PLAY GROUND by Dusty Wave
  • Earthy by Dusty Wave
  • marilyn collage art by verbisdiablo
  • ACADEMY ART 286 by Tammera
  • John Douglas Uses And Recommends Survivor Guilt by John Douglas
  • STAINED-GLASS WINDOW: "Triumph of the Universe" by John Legry
  • Midnight Garden XIII by Burcu Korkmazyurek
  • Troy by Harriet Wenske
  • Sombero light house, Nevis Anguilla british post stamp by Jimmy Il Fenomeno

About This Group

The randomness of happening is welcome.
There are no strict rules aside from that the work should be some combination or juxtaposition, real or imagined.
Both traditional and digital collages are welcome.

Our best !

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