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Recent Work

  • Repairs Undeway by blacknight
  • Polar Marshmallow Cap by Akiva Stadlan
  • March by Rosa Picnic
  • April by Rosa Picnic
  • Killer on the road by ambiaso
  • Procrastination by billfox256
  • SARAH by GloriaSanchez
  • Hedge Fun [469] by dekdav
  • Delphinium, Dahlia and Roses Collage by Kathryn Jones
  • Impending Freedom by TerryLightfoot
  • Tropical lady by lucamendieta
  • Luna Serenade by billfox256

About This Group

The randomness of happening is welcome.
There are no strict rules aside from that the work should be some combination or juxtaposition, real or imagined.
Both traditional and digital collages are welcome.

Our best !

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