Sensational Sun (2/24) **CLOSED - HOST NEEDED URGENTLY** Photographs ONLY

Group Rules:

Aloha, welcome to Sensational Sun

  1. All members must respect Copyright. All submissions into the Sensational Sun gallery must be your own original work.
  2. _Fine Art Photography ONLY
  3. Composites and Panoramic Images are accepted
  4. No over-processed, super saturated, or Orton effects will be accepted.
  5. Please submit only your very best photographs and works of art.
    This gallery is intended to represent the finest of what we have to offer our viewers.
  1. Submit only your finest original work for which you own full and exclusive copyrights and abide by all RedBubble Guidelines
  2. As a member of this group you agree to abide by Content Guidelines on RedBubble
  3. As your RedBubble Host I reserve the exclusive right to accept, reject, review and if necessary remove any content or member from the group at my own discretion without explanation or notification.
  4. Intellectual Property Rights and License
  5. Copyrights, Intellectual Property Rights and License
  6. If your image is rejected and you wonder why, you are invited to review the group’s guidelines and have a look at the group’s Featured Work gallery for a clear understanding of the content and professional quality we are looking for in this group.
  7. Ensure your horizons are level, it is the primary reason an image is rejected.
  8. Please submit only your finest images, your very best and most beautiful images. This group does not accept snapshots.
  9. All images will be evaluated on subject, content, quality of composition, depth of field and/or dynamic range.
  10. Please limit your daily submissions to no more than 2 images per day.
  11. You must own full copyrights on all photographs and images you upload and submit to this group. Any images in violation and/or infringement of copyrights will be reported and/or all images in non-compliance with the group rules, RedBubble user agreement and/or guidelines will be deleted or rejected without explanations or notification. Members who continue to ignore these requests and/or the group guidelines may be removed from the group without notice.