Closeups in Nature (3 per day Limit) NO DOMESTIC or FARM ANIMALS. NO SPIDERS

Nature Photography, up close (no spiders; minimum man-made)

Spiders - Member Subject Challenge

This challenge closed over 4 years ago.

The Challenge

This is a challenge to choose your best image of a spider as its subject.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Choose the image that you like the best, considering composition and clarity. You may choose more than one.

Rewards & Prizes

Plaudits, Kudos and Back Slapping.
Also, Banner for Winner and a Top Ten Banner if there are more than 15 entrants. The winner will choose the subject for the next months challenge.

Additional Information

The image must be approved in the group prior to submission to challenge otherwise it will be removed without notice. The winner of the challenge will be requested to provide a challenge avatar for the next month challenge. In the case of Joint Winners up to 3 Joint winners will be accepted. If there are more than three the group the host will nominate the final three winners. The hosts decision is final.

Cover Image: Said the spider to the fly... by Jeanette Muhr


The Top Ten

Orb Web Spider by MikeSquires

Orb Web Spider by MikeSquires was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 9 votes.

  • Garden Jumping Spider by Andrew Trevor-Jones
  • Lycosidae (Wolf Spider) by Pandrot
  • Orchard Orbweaver by William Brennan
  • Wasp Spider by ienemien
  • THE STRIKE by VanishingMoment
  • The Web Master by Ikramul Fasih
  • -The Wait by T.J. Martin
  • This Won't Hurt a Bit by OzzieBennett
  • The Hunter and It's Prey by peasticks

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