Closeups in Nature (3 per day Limit). NO SPIDERS

Nature Photography, up close (no spiders; minimum man-made) Default format only

Recent Work

  • Brolga  by D-GaP
  • "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name"... by Margaret Stevens
  • Anthurium by Carole-Anne
  • Sunflower Buzzz! by HealCalm
  • Canadian Autumn Maple  by Heather Friedman
  • The Creek #13 by Ben Loveday
  • The Essence of Fall by Otto Danby II
  • Crystal Ocean ... by Angelika  Vogel
  • Bouffant by Linda Makiej
  • HEBE by Nerone
  • autumn flowers by Jessica Sharmin

About This Group

This group is for anyone who loves closeups/details/macro photography of all things in nature.

Images need to be in DEFAULT form as we are unable to leave comments or banners of some of the clothing formats. If we cannot leave a comment, then the photo will not be accepted.

How things are run
Short Guidelines
No people or parts of,
Minimum Man-Made
No artificial backgrounds, layers, digital art or heavy manipulation
Nothing distant
Farm and domestic animals will be accepted in natural surroundings and at the discretion of the hosts.
No writing on images
Use only your own work

Please note: Hosts may enter challenges in this group as they cannot affect the challenge outcomes


PICK OF THE WEEK – 12th October 2018

Emerging Palm Fronds
Barbara Brown

Current Challenge Winners
20/07/2018 – Bumblebeezzz

Barrie Woodward – Bee – A Buzzing Thing

21/06/2018 – Lichen

DPalmer – Tree Llichen

Kasia-D – Wild Popcorn

lezvee – Lichen

16/05/2018 – Open Wide!

Ladymoose – Don`t Mess With The Otter

15/04/2018 – Show off!

DebiDalio – Fibonacci Cockatoo

17/03/2018 – Mimicking Eyes

Sue Gurney – A Feather to be Proud Of

24/02/2018 – Sneaky

Heather Friedman – I See You!

26/01/2018 – Snails and Slugs

missmoneypenny – Mobile home

19/01/2018 – Birds

Lynn Bolt – Two Gannets Shetland Isles



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*WE ASSUME IT OKAY TO USE ANY SUBMITTED IMAGES AS CHALLENGE AVATAR’S. Please message us if we have used your image and you would like it removed. We are just wanting to promote, not offend any fellow artists.

Please note that the hosts of this group are permitted to enter any challenges, as the hosts are unable to affect or alter the results of challenges.

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