Clever Designs

This group was created to celebrate clever and well executed designs.

Recent Work

  • Fishies by Wayne Grivell
  • Just Turned 21 Hangover - 21st Birthday  by barbarellla
  • DAWN by Ming  Myaskovsky
  • Hell's Belles by CWR63
  • Connected Creative by micklyn
  • Not Human by Simon Bowker
  • firefly jade by jon  daly
  • ORIENTAL -2 by StarKatz
  • Baby playing with Rattler by Malkman
  • 302 Crap Artist by Andrew Gordon
  • EMERGENCE by Paul Quixote Alleyne
  • the hand by Sooty  Grunter

About This Group

This group was created to celebrate clever and well executed designs. We’re
looking for something different and fresh. It could be humourous, simple or
detailed. Dark, mysterious or obscure. If its new and exciting we want to
show it off. In essence we want the best and brightest of the RedBubble

Group Guidelines:

-There is no limit to the amount of work you want to submit, but please dont bombard your works, if you have a large amount of works you would like reviewed for submission please stagger them.
-Everyone is welcome to join and share their work.
-Only submissions which fit the criteria. In general ‘cheesy’ images, slogans and works that rely heavily on photoshop filters will not be accepted.
-Submissions shown in the group is at the discretion of the
hosts (or simular)

- Accepted submissions will be based on a range of criteria including Structure, Composition, how the work fits with the medium (mainly relates to shirts) etc.
-AT NO POINT will a submission NOT be accepted due to medium, style or content etc.

It makes a moderators life a whole lot easier if you can provide details to the creative process behind a work. let us know what media/medium a work was created in.

See the group rules and join this group here

Your Hosts