Classical Photographic Portraiture

Group Rules:

1. Photographic Portraiture Only
2. Must be controlled portraiture (posed) – whether single, couples, small or large groups. No Snapshots or Candid images of people (there are always exceptions for exceptional photographs but please don’t waste our time – if it’s not absolutely exceptional don’t submit it)
3. This is about learning. All accepted work will be critiqued. Most work will be accepted (as long as it abides by rule 2) and will have a critique attached – if you delete the critque the image will be dropped from the group – it’s there for all to learn from. This may include an adjusted screen capture of your image!
4. Don’t be discouraged! As we intend to critique your work it may take time respond.
5. Don’t be afraid to submit your work! You cannot learn if we don’t see it.
6. Written work or Journals will only be accepted if it benefits the group members. i.e. technical, tricks and tips.
7. Only one image submission per week and please, and do not submit images that are similar to others you have already submitted. If this rule is broken the submitted images will be rejected and you will have to re-submit.