Classical Photographic Portraiture

Photographic Portraiture using the time honoured techniques of the masters

Recent Work

  • Reluctant Model by David Creed
  • photo2 by erikflokstra
  • Samantha by Bill Fonseca
  • Katie by abfabphoto
  • B&W Senior Portrait by Brooke Triplett
  • Deep Thought by steini
  • Erika by icst
  • Bathtime Dreamer by David Creed
  • Brandy... a portrait by steini
  • to the nines... by jon  daly
  • Jessie-Leigh Nicola - Singer by John Hooton
  • Ol JW by Dusker

About This Group

The aim of this group is to teach photographers about the use of light, types of light, posing, hands, camera angle etc. to make effective portraiture. This is about deliberate portrait photography and not snapshots – whether it be single, couples or groups.
Our aim is to pass on years of experience to those who want to know how to do portraiture more effectively.

  1. Forums
    Chris’s Critiques
    Musings (the philosophies according to Chris and anyone else who decides to contribute)
    Chris’s Scrapbook (Polaroid test shots from various sittings)
    Rosina’s Scrapbook
    Lighting Diagrams for reference
    Posing Techniques for interest
  2. Reference Websites
    Monte Zucker
    Joe Zeltsman
    George Hurrell

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