City Life is the only Life (only 2 images per day)

A Celebration of Cities Around the Globe

Recent Work

  • The rooftop at the Parker Meridien Hotel. by ShellyKay
  • Ascension 6 by John Velocci
  • Shanghai By Night by Susan Dost
  • City of Champions  by Lanis Rossi
  • Splash  by Lanis Rossi
  •  My h̶e̶a̶d̶ home in the clouds.  by ShellyKay
  • National Museum Of Prague At Night by Susan Dost
  • Pointing South. Gare du Lyon Paris by Paul Pasco
  • City Hall 7 by John Velocci
  • Walking across Tower Bridge. London by hans peðer alfreð olsen
  • Downtown Austin at Night by Cathy Jones
  • Princes Bridge by Andrew Wilson

About This Group

Cities…living, breathing, often demanding metropolises. Many of us live in or love major cities and as artists are inspired by them everyday.

This group is a celebration of cities all over the globe. The architecture, the quiet oases in otherwise bustling locales, the grittiness and the danger.

We encourage all members to share their cities with us. What is your city showing you today?

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