Seasonal Greeting Cards

Group Rules:

Please upload only your best art and only works that corresponds to the topic of this group.

Since I had quite a few mails regarding rejection your work MUST include a greeting to a holiday. Images of hearts, Christmas trees, Easter eggs, bunnies, pumkins and so on will no longer be accepted unless they include a greeting to that holiday. (e.g. an image with a heart and LOVE written on it is will not be accepted as a valentines day card.

Only images that are of everybodys interest will be accepted. Images of your chocolate-covered baby or your doggy wearing bunny-ears are absolutely wonderful and sure deserve a special place in your album, but they will not be accepted in this group unless they meet high quality requirements both in photography and composition.

Only images for upcoming holidays in the near futures will be accepted. Please do not enter your work for Christmas in February or Cards for Valentines Day after the 14th of February. No buyer is looking for such cards at that time. :-)

Only five entries per member are allowed. You are welcome to remove any of your images in order to enter new ones. This makes sense especially after a holiday (for example Christmas) has passed and another one (Valentine’s) is coming up. Just remove your christmas images and enter your art for Valentine’s day.

To keep quality high and cards sellable, entries will be moderated. Please allow a few days for viewing your work and please don’t be disappointed if it is refused. We do reserve the right to refuse images for holidays that have just passed (for example no christmas cards will be accepted in January.)