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World Chocolate Day

This challenge closed over 9 years ago.

The Challenge

Well, I was jokingly going to say ’let’s start a movement for World Chocolate Day’ when, whadda know, there is a World Chocolate Day on September 4th every year!

So, let’s imagine that we’re submitting images that will become the IMAGE for World Chocolate Day!

Opposite image was the winner of Image Update 2_

Judging / Voting Criteria

Does this image show the WORLD the beauty of chocolate?

Rewards & Prizes

FIRST-FIFTH PLACE: Group Feature (if not already).

PLUS…RB is running a site-wide comp …

Prizes will be awarded in five categories:
1. The most creative challenge topic (as decided by RB)
2. The most votes
3. The most votes relative the number of members (providing a group has more than 20 members)
4. The most entries
5. The most entries relative to the number of members (providing a group has more than 20 members)
Each category will have a first prize of US$50 (as a RB voucher) and a second prize of US$30 (as a RB voucher).

If THIS CHALLENGE WINS then the vouchers will go to the first and second place winners of this challenge!

So, let’s go for it! Let’s go for most entries/most votes relative to group membership size!!

Additional Information

Now I know there’s a World Chocolate Day, after this challenge I just might contact them to see what we can do to spread the word about the day and chocolate’s goodness. Who knows – maybe one of our images will become the selling image for the day! Let’s dream about that…

Cover Image: To Die For by Rick Wollschleger


The Top Ten

Chocoooolateeeee by ShaunRose

Chocoooolateeeee by ShaunRose was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 11 votes.

  • Liquid Chocolate by Nathalie Chaput
  • Who Says You Shoudn't Play With Your Food? by Jessica Hardin
  • chocolate brownie and ice-cream! by pyko
  • Hot Chocolate by Ine Spee
  • Hot  Chocolate by Fireman
  • yummy !! by Francesca Rizzo
  • Chocolate (mint) Fudge by tali
  • Official - Chocolate Is Good For You! by RedHillDigital
  • MMmmm Chocolate by Donna Wilkins

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