Art and Stories Made For Children 5 to 11 years old (*2 Downloads within 24hrs.*)

*A group for art and stories that will interest and excite children* *5 to 11 years old*


  • George Coombs

    Again by George Coombs

    gentle breeze…
    traveller returns
    welcomed in
    is annointing
    touch not to be
    feared here…
    open in greeting
    trees embrace
    seasonal adornment
    good to be quiet…
    safe…at peace
    now spring
    is h…

    39 words
  • George Coombs

    We Find Space by George Coombs

    (For Tigger The Itinerent Cat)
    again you greet me
    in my flat
    where we inhabit
    a vast country
    of silence…cat who
    i know so well
    you visit…
    you share welcome
    of quiet…good we can
    be ourselves
    me at my desk…you

    57 words
  • George Coombs

    Fairy by George Coombs

    fairy sprite roaming the forest
    floating on the breeze
    singing with the birds
    playing with the leaves
    you leave no footprints
    anywhere you roam
    anywhere that you leave
    your light is a place i can call home

    69 words
  • George Coombs

    Quiet Friend by George Coombs

    here again
    welcome guest
    gently purring
    in my special space…
    peace to you
    quiet friend…
    peace to the
    animal world
    a true jewel in
    nature’s holy crown…
    we share silence
    together in our
    blessed existence…
    peace to …

    43 words
  • George Coombs

    Special Cat by George Coombs

    a visiting with quiet “miaow”
    has come to
    call on me
    we eat together
    are very real friends
    content as we can be…

    she enters softly with quiet tread
    in our own way we sit and talk
    she is a very special cat

    138 words
  • George Coombs

    Your Letter by George Coombs

    your letter came today
    words shadowed by
    predatory violence
    you snared
    by the system
    justice is buried…
    nothing gained
    by prison…
    good becomes bad…
    bad is worse…
    you talk
    of violence
    throats cut…
    violence to you…

    46 words
  • George Coombs

    Man On The Shore by George Coombs

    The sea lay still and calm
    The sun was setting slow.
    The distant sky was blushing
    And the whispering waves did flow.
    A man walked along the shore
    That was touched by white-fringed waves.
    Looking for things…

    336 words
  • George Coombs

    Why Exist? by George Coombs

    Why exist? What is existence anyway?Why am I here? Existence end of existence, thenwhat? The hard questions were constant companions.Looking out across the sea his eyes rested on thedistant and wa…
    371 words
  • George Coombs


    Peckham is known as a high crime area.

    It’s streets are deeply shadowed by volatile
    levels of drug trafficking gang violence, knife
    and gun crime.
    The gang is a focus of connectedness
    and group s…

    519 words
  • Suvi  Mahonen

    I Told You! by Suvi Mahonen

    Jake wanted his dad to be proud of him. He knew his dad was interested in wars. ‘Why?’ Jake wanted to know.

    ‘Wars shape the world,’ his dad said.

    2429 words
  • timbuckley

    In vino veritas by timbuckley

    I whispered it, I said it
    I felt it and I hid it
    Unintended it emerged
    Like wings from a chrysalis
    Emerging on green grass
    How true the Latin phrase
    in vino veritas .…

    I drank you in silence
    Reluctant t

    167 words
  • George Coombs

    Coming Home Again by George Coombs

    still beckoning sound
    feel conclusion is not
    a final end…

    46 words
  • Vesna ©

    Magic by Vesna ©

    when you smile

    15 words
  • Vesna ©

    Le Parapluie by Vesna ©

    This rain came from France

    23 words
  • Vesna ©

    The Sandcastle by Vesna ©

    But what can we ask for more?
    We live for new ideas to explore.
    Time is not only measured by sand,
    We measure it any way we can comprehend

    86 words
  • oscarelizondo

    Cheerleaders With Hearts Of Gold by oscarelizondo

    They came in masses driven in yellow buses with wheels,
    Smiles on faces of Olympians ready to medal in events of real.
    Each individual with a handicap of human form and a heart of gold,
    Happy to partici…

    182 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Remember This Time From Before by Jascie Epinn

    You know this practice well as you’ve done it before
    Surely enough you’ll remember this time too

    486 words
  • oscarelizondo

    My Little Tree by oscarelizondo

    Planted a little fruit tree high upon a secret mountain top,
    A castaway it was when found by me after it had been dropped.
    In an alley it laid hopelessly forsaken under it’s broken container,
    Dirt was d…

    327 words