Characters and Creation

For all role-players, character based story writers and writers that just want some good reads

About This Group

Welcome to Characters and Creation, the RedBubble community for all roleplayers and character developments.

A writing based group that is dedicated to creating a open and welcoming environment for all writers and roleplayers alike. A place for character stories, developments, roleplay connections and just general writing fun. Everyone of all ages, skill levels, and cultures is invited here, even if you have no idea about roleplaying and just want to have some fun writing and having a look.
Both of our hosts are very happy to answer any questions to might have so feel free to contact either of us at any time.

You can find all sorts of writing and pieces and even some art thats directly related to roleplaying or characters. Our forums provide an excellent place to roleplay and develop as well as just hang out and meet some new people.

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